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Hollywood 4 Freedom is currently working with Godwin Pictures on two projects. To find out more please click on the project links to see how you can support NEW American television content! 



The American Persistence is a reality show about Scott Presler and his mission to Save America. This is a behind-the-scenes look at Scott’s day-to-day life as he leads the charge. From voter registration drives, massive city trash clean-ups, to candidate training classes, while contributing for news outlets, glamorous award shows, and much more.


We will meet the hard-working American citizens who interact with Scott every day. We will take a peek into the lives of these red-blooded Americans to see the issues they care about most. This is a show for the people, and about the people, who are marching with Scott in The American Persistence.



Almost Canceled is a sitcom starring Ross "Duh Boss" Bennett and Siaka Massaquoi. The story is centered around Ross’ hit indie TV show mocking the "hollywoke" media with quick wit and lie-shattering comedy. He and his off-beat production crew soon have every media giant and left-wing pundit conspiring to see him permanently CANCELED!

Will they succeed in their evil mission or will the truth teller save comedy from the cancer that is cancel culture?

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